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Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

The Nottawasaga Futures youth entrepreneurship program is an extensive, 14-week course designed to immerse participants in the intricacies of starting and running a business. Under the guidance of experienced business experts, participants gain invaluable insights into various fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship. The program begins with understanding the core of one's business, encompassing the mission, vision, origins, and future aspirations in the first week. As the weeks progress, individuals delve into more complex areas such as product portfolio management, revenue models, and customer segmentation. The curriculum is meticulously structured to cover critical areas including market positioning, networking, marketing strategies, sales and service optimization, communication and public relations, financial planning and branding. This holistic approach ensures not only a deep understanding of what it takes to run a business but also equips the youth with the tools and knowledge to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape successfully.

In partnership with FOCUS Community Development Corporation we are delivering the Be Your Own Boss Youth Entrepreneur Training program.