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Private Sector Support

About NT Temps

As a community partner, the goal of NT Temps Inc. is to contribute to the development of our business community as well as to the development of our human resources.

At NT Temps, we are ready to fill your temporary staffing needs whether they be industrial, agricultural, clerical, secretarial or accounting. We maintain an up-to-date bank of candidates ready and willing to go out to work on the shortest of notice. If we do not have the ideal candidate for your position, we will advertise and actively recruit on your behalf until the position is filled to your satisfaction.



Each temporary employee we engage is personally interviewed by one of our NT Temps consultants. We review their work history and acquired skills thoroughly and determine what type of work they are best suited for and enjoy most. This way we can ensure that we send you the most qualified, enthusiastic and motivated candidate. All permanent references are checked and verified. As well, at NT Temps we believe that it takes a special type of person to be a good temporary employee. It requires a flexibility and adaptability not found in everyone. This is why we request references from our candidates' temporary positions as well. This combined with the feedback we receive from clients such as yourself, ensures that you receive the best person for the job.


Flexible Rates

Our flexible rate system allows us to work within your staffing budget, putting you in the driver's seat. You tell NT Temps how much you want the candidate to be paid on an hourly basis. We base our billing rate on the pay rate you have requested. We handle all payroll costs as well as EI, CPP, Health Tax and four percent vacation pay. You will receive one statement at the end of the week.


Health & Safety

Health and Safety is of utmost importance at NT Temps Inc. All employees are WHMIS certified before they are sent to your site. As well as WHMIS, NT Temps offers employees specific training and certification depending on their individual needs. We are involved in Young Worker training for employees who have limited experience in the workforce as well as material handling safety and assembly line safety training people who are likely to be placed in these categories. Many of our clients also choose to take advantage of our training facilities to have potential temporary employees take part in company specific orientations on our premises. NT Temps internal staff includes certified health and safety representatives at both the employee and management level further enabling us to efficiently look after your needs.


Three Hour Service Guarantee

At NT Temps we guarantee your satisfaction. We will call you within the first three hours of a new candidate starting their assignment at your business. If you are unhappy with our temporary employee and you inform us within the first three hours of their assignment, we will be happy to replace them. You will not be billed for the employee's time as long as it falls within the three hour limit. If all is going well, you will receive additional service calls on a weekly basis to ensure your continued satisfaction.


Temp to Perm

Our goal is to assist our business community in fulfilling their staffing needs as well as to help the working population of South Simcoe in reaching their goals. This means we are prepared to go the extra mile. For example, if one of our temporary employees is on assignment for you and you decide they would make a great addition to your permanent staff, you are at liberty to hire them on permanently at no additional cost. As well, if you are looking to fill a permanent position, you can begin with a temporary employee and then take them on permanently when you are sure they are a good fit for your company.


Why use a Temporary Employment Service

With a temporary work force you can have the people you need when you need them. A temporary workforce allows you to accommodate the fluctuations of a normal business cycle without straining your permanent staff during peak periods or being forced into unnecessary lay offs during quieter times. Temporary employees can be used to cover vacation, sick leave or maternity leave as well, allowing you to continue business as usual. This is also an ideal way to determine what type of person you need on a permanent basis by filling the position temporarily first. Also, because of our no fee temp to perm policy, the transition can happen as soon as you are ready.