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Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories at Nottawasaga Futures

At Nottawasaga Futures, we take immense pride in celebrating the success stories of our clients who demonstrate remarkable resilience and entrepreneurship. These narratives of determination and achievement highlight the impactful journeys of individuals and businesses that we have had the privilege to support. From overcoming pandemic-related obstacles to creating vibrant community hubs, each story showcases the spirit of innovation and dedication that defines our region's entrepreneurial landscape. Join us in honoring the accomplishments of our clients as they continue to inspire and contribute to the economic vitality of our community.

Don’t forget to support these fantastic local businesses by visiting their websites or stopping by in person.


Celebrating Resilience: The Journey of 9 Round

Titilayo (Titi) Akinsanmi and Olumakinde (Olu) Bolarinwa, newcomers to Canada, established 9 Round Innisfil with a vision to contribute to the community through a 9 Round kickboxing gym. With support from Nottawasaga Futures, they overcame pandemic challenges, including closures and capacity restrictions, to maintain operations and create jobs.

Despite pandemic obstacles, Titi and Olu's dedication has made 9 Round a cornerstone of Innisfil's economic landscape, attracting a growing clientele and promoting community wellness. Their resilience and commitment inspire success and embody the spirit of entrepreneurship in Innisfil. Explore more about their kickboxing gym on their website


Celebrating Good Hawk Corp.: A Culinary Journey in Hockley Valley

Good Hawk Corp., founded in 2018 by Sean MacMahon and Natasha Priest, has become a culinary gem in Hockley Valley. Despite challenges, including environmental assessments and the pandemic, Sean and Natasha persevered. They accelerated renovations during lockdown and successfully launched on New Year's Eve 2021, operating Thursdays to Sundays.

Today, Good Hawk Corp. boasts glowing reviews for its quality and ambiance. Sean and Natasha diversified revenue with an Airbnb above the restaurant, attracting nature enthusiasts.

Their story exemplifies adaptability, innovation, and perseverance in realizing their culinary dream in Hockley Valley. Join us in celebrating Sean and Natasha's journey at Good Hawk Corp. Discover the flavors of their passion and explore more about their culinary adventure on their website