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Celebrating Local Success

Nottawasaga Futures Supports Businesses in the News

Welcome to our businesses in the news page, where we proudly showcase the achievements and recognitions of businesses supported by Nottawasaga Futures. Explore recent news, awards, and inspiring photos highlighting the successes of our local entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Discover how our resources and funding have propelled these businesses into the spotlight, earning them accolades and positive recognition in the community. From groundbreaking innovations to outstanding customer service, each news story exemplifies the dedication and hard work of our supported businesses.

Join us in celebrating these remarkable achievements and get inspired by the impact our support has had on their journey to success. Learn more about how Nottawasaga Futures continues to empower businesses to thrive and make a difference in our community.

Feel free to support the local businesses featured on this page by checking out their websites or even stopping by their locations.


Moon Cafe & Craft Beer Ltd: A Cozy Café in Alcona

Moon Cafe & Craft Beer Ltd opened its doors in Alcona, Innisfil in 2023, as featured in the Barrie News and Barrie Today. This charming café offers a unique blend of premium coffee and craft beers in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're craving a morning coffee or a relaxing evening drink, Moon Cafe has become a favorite spot in the community. Join us in celebrating their successful launch and contribution to Alcona's culinary scene. Dive into their delightful world and explore more on their website!


The Pink Closet's Memorable International Women's Day Celebration

In March 2024, The Pink Closet Boutique hosted an unforgettable International Women's Day celebration at the Portuguese Cultural Centre (PCC) of Bradford. This exclusive event quickly became the talk of the town, with tickets selling out in record time.

Women of all ages and backgrounds came together to enjoy an evening of music, dinner, and a stunning fashion show featuring The Pink Closet's latest collections. Inspirational stories were shared, highlighting the strength and achievements of women in our community.

As featured in Bradford Today, the 17th Annual International Women's Day event at PCC Bradford was a true testament to the power of unity and empowerment. Here's to celebrating the remarkable women who make a difference every day! Discover more about this amazing event and explore their latest collections on their website.


Miss Jennie’s Performing Arts Studio, Innisfil

Miss Jennie’s Performing Arts Studio (MJPAS) in Innisfil made headlines in December 2023 for their remarkable achievements in the world of dance. As featured in Barrie Today and Innisfil Today, over 40 MJPAS dancers, aged five to 20, captivated audiences at Walt Disney World's Dance the World Disney Holiday event with a dazzling Moana-inspired routine, showcasing their talent in jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and acro dance styles.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. In June 2023, seven talented dancers from MJPAS, ranging from nine to 19 years old, have qualified to represent Canada at the Dance World Cup in Braga, Portugal—a prestigious international competition featuring over 7,500 dancers from 50 countries. This incredible opportunity is a testament to their dedication, discipline, and years of training.

At Nottawasaga Futures, we are proud to celebrate the successes of Miss Jennie’s Performing Arts Studio (MJPAS) and their talented dancers. We eagerly anticipate even more achievements in their future. Dive into their inspiring journey and discover more on their website.


Celebrating Innovation: SoSecret Sauce by Yehs Innovations‚Äč

We're excited to showcase Yehs Innovations and their creation, SoSecret Sauce. Founded by Bradford entrepreneur David Yeh, this vegan and gluten-free garlic chili oil features locally sourced onions from ATV Farms in Bradford's Holland Marsh, along with ginger, shallots, and spices imported from China and India.

As featured in Barrie Today, SoSecret Sauce offers exceptional flavor without the hassle of prep work, reflecting David Yeh's dedication to culinary innovation and local sourcing. Here’s to celebrating this exciting product and entrepreneurial success in our community! Spice up your culinary adventures and learn more about SoSecret Sauce on their website.