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Policy and Procedures

1.0 Projects Which May Be Considered

The following projects will be considered for on-location filming:

  1. Feature Films
  2. T.V. Commercials
  3. Documentaries
  4. Educational Films
  5. Films for Television
  6. Television Network Programs
  7. Music Videos
  8. Other projects as may be approved by Nottawasaga Futures

Projects that will not be considered include those that seemingly condone the breaking of municipal by-laws, provincial or federal laws.


2.0 Application Process

All applications requesting approval for location filming within the Municipalities should be submitted in writing to the Film Liaison of Nottawasaga Futures and include the following information and documents:

  1. Film Permit Application (see Appendix 1)
  2. Certificate of Insurance
  3. Line of Credit (minimum $5,000)

A certificate of insurance for general comprehensive public liability in the amount of five million dollars ($5,000,000.00), with the specific host municipality as an additional named insured. The insurance will include a cross liability clause. Any other special coverage which may be required must be provided, depending on the nature of the filming. If filming on provincially owned property, then Her Majesty the Queen in right of Ontario as represented by the Minister of Government Services must be named as an additional insured. If filming on property owned by the County of Simcoe then the County of Simcoe must be named as an additional insured.

The Applicant is required to provide written proof that the Province or County authorizes the use of property(s) owned by them.

In the event that the location is privately owned, it is advisable that the production company contact Nottawasaga Futures to request information on any policy and procedures, municipal restrictions or by-laws which may affect the film shoot. Also the production company should obtain written permission from the property owner and copy same to Nottawasaga Futures.


2.1 Film Liaison Information

Film production inquiries and applications for the Municipalities listed above should be forwarded to:

Film Liaison
Nottawasaga Futures
PO Box 184,
Alliston ON  L9R 1V5

Telephone: (705) 435-1540
Fax: (705) 435-6907
Email: ced@nottawasaga.com


2.2 Permit Issuance

Permits for location filming will be coordinated through and issued by Nottawasaga Futures.


2.3 Timelines for Submission of Application

Given the differing time constraints and exigencies of feature films, movies-of-the-week, television series, commercials, etc. the production company should give Nottawasaga Futures as much lead time as possible to process the application. This does not apply to previously permitted locations where rescheduling is necessary. However, if an alternate shoot date is required and it is not on the permit or is a date other than what is on the permit, a subsequent letter of notification is required, but the application period is waived.

Filming that includes but is not limited to road closures, multi-lane closures and special effects may require the formal approval of the host municipality's council and/or departments and will need to conform to the specific notification and procedures required by the host municipality in advance of scheduled shooting.


2.4 Special Effects

Film companies must identify their intent to use special effects involving the following substances:

  1. guns
  2. gunfire
  3. explosives
  4. bombs/mock ups
  5. flash powder
  6. detonators
  7. fireworks

Applicants must contact directly the respective police force and fire department to acquire appropriate approvals for the use of these substances. Nottawasaga Futures will be provided with written confirmation from the respective police force and fire department that all necessary approvals have been given to the Applicant. The Applicant is responsible to pay any associated costs for carrying out reviews by Police Officers and Firefighters as well as any associated cost to ensure compliance with such approvals.


2.5 Security Deposit

It is important that any location and its content granted a filming permit within the Municipalities be restored to its original condition as found prior to filming upon completion of the project.

A security deposit in the form of an irrevocable letter of credit or certified cheque will be required in the name of the host municipality before the Permit is issued. The amount of the deposit is dependent upon the value of the property considered for location filming. However, a minimum amount of $5,000 (Five Thousand Dollars) is required unless the Applicant is informed, in advance of shooting, of a varying amount.


3.0 Notification


3.1 Property Owners and Tenants

The film company must notify, in writing, affected residents, occupants and businesses, in advance of filming and as instructed by Nottawasaga Futures, of the duration and location of filming, including information about planned special effects, road and lane closures, sidewalk usage without obstructing pedestrians and the time that cones will be placed on the municipal road allowances to restrict parking. Filming involving the use of catastrophic special effects will not be approved unless a majority of affected residents (as determined by Nottawasaga Futures) have given their approval (written approval is required, including name, address, and telephone number of affected homeowners/tenants/business owners).


3.2 Host Municipality

Nottawasaga Futures will notify the Clerk and Mayor of the appropriate municipality regarding filming scheduled to occur in their area.


4.0 Restrictions on Hours/Days for Filming

Permits authorizing filming in areas between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. will not be approved unless all affected residents have been notified in advance. A majority of affected residents (as determined by Nottawasaga Futures) will have to give their approval (written approval is required, including name, address, and telephone number of affected homeowners/tenants/business owners) for filming to occur in these circumstances.


5.0 Considerations to Residents/Occupants/Businesses


5.1 Generators

All generators will be equipped with silencing attachments.


5.2 Lighting

Lighting for filming should be oriented away from neighboring residences unless residents have been contacted and do not express any objection. Lighting must not interfere with the safe movement of traffic. Night filming involving intensive lighting between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. requires approval of a majority of affected residents (written approval is required, including name, address, and telephone number of affected homeowners/tenants/business owners).


5.3 Noise

The Applicant must adhere to Noise By-laws and/or other applicable Municipal By-laws governing noise. If the majority of affected homeowners/tenants/business owners have been advised in advance of the nature of the noise and do not object, the likelihood of a complaint will be reduced.


6.0 Disruption to Residents/Occupants/Businesses

It is the Applicant's responsibility to ensure that there is a minimum of disruption to residents, occupants, businesses and municipal employees where filming occurs. This includes ensuring residents, owners, tenants, employees and customers have access to their respective premises and ensuring pedestrian and vehicular access to adjoining properties. Disruption of parking as a result of a film permit is not compensable unless otherwise agreed with the applicable persons. Every effort should be made to ensure that people displaying legitimate credentials such as disabled parking permits are accommodated in recognition of their personal safety.


7.0 Traffic

No interference with pedestrian or vehicular traffic is to occur without being noted on the permit. Every opportunity is to be taken to ensure that access, either vehicular or pedestrian, is not restricted to persons with disabilities.

Production vehicles must comply with appropriate traffic regulations unless stated otherwise on the permit.

All vehicles, moving or standing, must comply with regulations governing traffic in municipal park properties unless otherwise noted on the permit.

Except where a road is closed for filming, where a moving vehicle is involved, the Applicant will adhere to the posted speed limits and to lawful conditions unless directed otherwise by a Pay Duty Police Officer.


7.1 Traffic Stopages

Traffic stoppages should not exceed three to five minutes in duration, unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the municipality and applicable Police Service.

Vehicular stoppages must always be controlled by Off-Duty Police Officers, who should be provided with two-way control radios. The film location manager or designate should be on set at all times when traffic stoppages are being done.


7.2 Road Closures

Requests for road closures must be made in compliance with specific notification and procedures required by the host municipality in advance of scheduled shooting. A complete traffic plan, outlining the details of the closure, traffic diversion, detour route, appropriate notification (radio, newspaper ads, distribution of notification flyers), must be included in the request and any associated costs must be arranged at the Applicant's expense. Approvals will only be granted where it can be shown that the requirements of Section 7.1 cannot be met in a reasonably safe manner.

In the event of a necessary road closure it must be mandatory that Off-Duty Police Officers be present and that any associated cost be covered by the Applicant.


8.0 Parking and/or Standing

A parking plan must be submitted to Nottawasaga Futures for review and approval in association with the appropriate municipal departments and service providers (ie. police, fire, ambulance). The bulk of the production and crew vehicles should be parked off major municipal road allowances when filming occurs and a copy of the film's permit must be displayed in the windows of all production vehicles. Unless otherwise specified, the maximum number of production vehicles permitted per film permit will be limited to no more than 12 vehicles. Also, the Applicant will not block fire hydrants, emergency routes or interfere with pedestrians or vehicular movement when parking film unit vehicles.


9.0 Staff Costs

In the case of large or complicated productions, dedicated staff person(s) may be required to be present during filming to liaise with the filming personnel and assist with emergency requests. The fee for this person(s), calculated at an industry standard, must be paid by the Applicant.

This will also apply to the direct costs of any other personnel or service required by the film company from the municipality or emergency service personnel to perform such tasks as road grading, maintenance, snow removal, closure, etc.


10.0 Filming Activities and Relationship to Police/Fire/Ambulance

Police Officers are required for any detonation of pyrotechnic special effects or traffic control and permit compliance, and the Applicant is responsible for covering any associated costs.

If the nature of the production is such that fire officials and/or paramedics are also required then the Applicant is responsible for covering any associated costs.


11.0 Clean-up

Production crews must clean the location at the end of each day of shooting with a minimum amount of noise and disruption. Upon completion of the project the film company must ensure that the area is returned to its original condition, unless otherwise approved by Nottawasaga Futures and noted on the permit. If the necessary clean-up and restoration of the location is not carried out adequately by the Applicant then the host municipality will draw on the Line of Credit to complete any required work.

Material and debris are not to be washed into catch basins.


12.0 Conduct of Crew

It is the responsibility of the production company that their staff operate in a safe and professional manner in the course of their duties and comply with all requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulation thereunder. If valid concerns are sent, in writing, to Nottawasaga Futures regarding negligence and non-compliance of a production company's staff then the host municipality will draw on the Line of Credit to rectify any circumstance which is not taken care of by the Applicant directly.

The Nottawasaga Economic Development Corporation has the right to refuse any applications where it has been found that the Applicant has had a previous history of non-compliance.


13.0 Expenses

The applicant is responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses related to the use of municipal owned properties or equipment.


14.0 Film Credits

Where possible, it would be appreciated if the host community could be named in any credits that are produced for the production.