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Spinoffs & Impact

The entertainment and creative cluster is one of Ontario’s fastest growing sectors, outpacing overall provincial growth. Since 2000, it has created over 48,000 net new jobs, an increase of 30 per cent compared to 15 per cent for the overall economy. Bigger than each of the mining, agriculture and forestry, and energy sectors, the creative industries contribute over $12.4 billion and 206,000 jobs each year to the province’s economy.

Film and television production contributed $1.29 billion to the provincial economy in 2014—the fourth year in a row over the $1 billion mark—sending a welcome message of jobs and stability, and reflecting Ontario’s reputation as a top-quality and reliable jurisdiction. The film and television industry accounted for almost 28,000 full-time direct and spin-off jobs, an increase of 2,600 over the previous year.

Toronto is a major centre for film productions in North America and with strong support and programs provided by the provincial government areas such as South Simcoe located just north of Toronto are well positioned to be involved in combined shoots. 

Since 2000, South Simcoe has seen a number of productions come to our area, including parts of Tottenham and Innisfil used in the TV Series “Murdoch Mysteries”, Alliston’s Riverdale Park and a Beeton home portrayed in “Kardia” a film entered at the Cannes Film Festival, community centres, concessions roads and homes/cottages in Innisfil and Adjala-Tosorontio have been used for numerous commercials and feature films, and the South Simcoe Railway continues to be the area’s most popular site for films and TV shows. The economic spin-off in South Simcoe from the industry ranges from $500 to $2500 per day based on results captured in satisfaction surveys with location scouts.