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Operation: Canadian Shield

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White Tuque is excited to invite you to our first-ever webinar! Given the geopolitical turbulence in Europe, many small and medium-sized businesses are wondering about their cyber vulnerabilities. We know SMEs want to be informed and prepared – protecting your business is vital to your success. White Tuque is here to demystify a seemingly hostile cyber security landscape and provide you with solutions that will help secure your business.

On Tuesday, April 12th from 1:00-2:00 pm a panel of White Tuque’s experts, led by our Founder and CEO Robert D. Stewart, will present information based on the latest cyber threat intelligence reports and assessments. Our goal is to inform stakeholders in local business about the threats that bear significance, the reasonable risks to consider and act upon, and provide solutions that will help local businesses protect and defend themselves from these threats.

This one-hour webinar will be a thought-provoking event with comprehensive, relevant information designed to provide tangible answers to real-world questions. You will have the opportunity to ask our experts the questions that relate to your business needs and concerns. In this webinar White Tuque will provide the answers and actionable solutions you can implement to protect your business.

To register for this free, one-hour webinar, click here.

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