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Temp Agency serves local businesses while helping to fund important economic development projects

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The local temporary employment agency and subsidiary of Nottawasaga Community Economic Development Corporation, NT Temps, provides area businesses and residents with meaningful temporary and temporary-to-permanent job opportunities in the industrial, agricultural, administrative, and accounting sectors.

According to Colleen Colby, Project Coordinator with NT Temps, the goal has been the same since she helped launch the agency over 20 years ago: people from the community for the community.

“NT Temps has a dual role. It was created to support the local businesses in their human resource acquisitions for the Simcoe area, but it was also created to support the local labour market and to help them navigate their way through the job market,” she explains.

Benefits to Local Job Seekers

Since NT Temps is a local small business, they are able to offer a personalized experience for each of their temporary employees. “Everybody is interviewed one-on-one. We find out what their needs are along with their strengths and limitations. We work with them to find a position that is going to meet their criteria. It's a very personal, hands-on process,” Colleen explains.

NT Temps also offers the workers on their roster appropriate health and safety training as well as valuable interview experience at no cost. “Even if we don’t find someone a placement, which is very rare, we always make sure that they have something that they didn’t have when they walked in the door. Whether it is Young Workers Orientation, WHMIS training, or ergonomics training, it is definitely worth their while to come in and experience our services,” says Colleen.

Not only does NT Temps offer a variety of temporary job placements, but some positions result in a permanent job for the employee. Colleen says that their temp to permanent policy is unique in the industry. “If somebody works as a temp for us for a period of 30 days, then the client has the option of hiring them permanently with no additional fees. It is a really good way to enter the permanent job market,” she explains.

Indispensable Service for Local Business

Area employers rely on NT Temps to help manage the ebbs and flows of the market. “Our services allow businesses to navigate normal fluctuations in the labour market without having to lay people off or permanently commit, especially in times like this when nobody knows what's going to happen next,” Colleen says.

“It's also hugely time saving because we do all of the vetting. Each employee we send to a client has been interviewed, their references have been verified, and their hard skills checked. Instead of looking at 100 resumes and testing 50 candidates, we will send them the top three.”

NT Temps also has a bank of pre-screened candidates that are available for last minute job placements.

Innovative Model to Fund Community Economic Development Projects

Proceeds from NT Temps are used to fund important local economic development projects through its parent organization, Nottawasaga Community Economic Development Corporation.

“We have 22 different community economic development projects on the go right now and the bulk of our funding comes from NT Temps. Employers like doing business with us knowing that they’re investing back into their community,” says Colleen.

For more information about how NT Temps can help workers find meaningful employment or how they can help businesses fill their labour needs, call NT Temps at (705) 435-1540 or visit them on their websiteFacebook, or Instagram.



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